LK Partners is a law firm that specializes in medical litigation involving the medical field. In particular, LK Partners has a unique advantage of having a large number of attorneys who are also medical professionals. As such, we have a higher level of understanding of medical institutions¡¯ businesses and are able to represent clients very effectively in litigation involving the medical industry.

The medical industry in Korea occupies a special position in the system of national health insurance system. Due to the public nature of medical care, various restrictions apply to advertising and sales activities of medical institutions. Consumers who visit medical institutions also have different attitudes toward their health care service concerning their own health than toward other matters. Therefore, in order to operate and manage a medical institution, specialized legal services different from those for organizations in other service industries are needed.

LK Partners has abundant experience not only in litigations involving the medical industry, but also in representing clients seeking to overturn decisions of a government agency, such as appealing a decision of the National Health Insurance Corporation denying payment of recuperation expenses, suspending business, etc. We provide one-stop legal services specialized for medical institutions and medical professionals by giving advice on all aspects of lawful management, such as financing, accounting, etc.


  • Medical case(civil¡¤criminal case)
  • Medical-related administrative disposition
  • Medical institutions compliance


Kyung Kwon Lee Representative Attorney/MD VIEW
Joon Ik Bae Attorney/M.D. VIEW
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