Corporate legal affairs
Corporate legal affairs
LK Partners provides a variety of advice on such areas as corporate law, fair trade, human resources, labor, bankruptcy, corporate rehabilitation and legislation consulting.

We have accumulated a great deal of work experience not only in satisfying the traditional needs of companies for legal services concerning disputes involving management control, establishment of a company, the formation and operation of the board directors¡¯ meetings and shareholder meetings, transfer of business rights, and various contracts, but also in dealing with particular issues that come up in various specialized businesses.

In this regards, we are committed to make our best effort to provide prompt and professional solutions to resolve the problems faced by our client companies at any time, and to satisfy client companies so that they will be able to manage their companies stably in today¡¯s ever changing legal environments.


  • Fair trade
  • Tax
  • Human resources ¡¤ Labor
  • Bankruptcy ¡¤ Corporate rehabilitation
  • Legislation consulting


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Sang Min Lee Attorney/DVM VIEW
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