LK Partners provides professional services for civil, criminal and administrative litigation. Our litigation team, which is made up of specialists in a variety of fields, has strength in specialized litigation, such as, medical services, healthcare, insurance, intellectual properties, fair trade, labor and private information. In particular, we have been earning the trust of our clients by providing one-stop services, not only in the actual litigation itself, but also in the procedures that actually allows the client to exercise his or her rights, such as the legal proceedings to enforce court judgments and preservative measures.

In recent years, the procedures such as mediation and arbitration have emerged as alternatives to lawsuits, and we have strengthened our ability to expeditiously resolve our clients¡¯ disputes. Based on this experience, we are committed to providing the best possiblelegal services, putting the protection of our clients¡¯rights as our top priority.


  • Civil case
  • Administration
  • Family case


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