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Legal Practice

LK Partners provides the most optimal legal services on various legal issues that may arise in the course of operating a company.

We have accumulated a great deal of work experience not only in satisfying the traditional needs of companies for legal services concerningdisputes involving management control, establishment of a company, the formation and operation of the board directors’ meetings and shareholder meetings, transfer of business rights, and various contracts, but also in dealing with particular issues that come up in various specialized businesses..

In this regards, we are committed to make our best effort to provide prompt and professional solutions to resolve the problems faced by ourclient companies at any time, and to satisfy client companies so that they will be able to manage their companies stably in today’s ever changing legal environments.

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LK Partners provides professional services for civil, criminal and administrative litigation. Our litigation team, whichis made up of specialists in a variety of fields, has strength in specialized litigation, such as, medical services, healthcare, insurance, intellectual properties, fair trade, labor and private information. In particular, we have been earning the trust of our clients by providing one-stop services, not only in the actual litigation itself, but also in the procedures that actually allows the client to exercise his or her rights, such as the legal proceedings to enforce court judgments and preservative measures.

In recent years, the procedures such as mediation and arbitration have emerged as alternatives to lawsuits, and we have strengthened our ability to expeditiously resolve our clients’ disputes. Based on this experience, we are committed to providing the best possiblelegal services, putting the protection of our clients’rights as our top priority.

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LK Partners provides a variety of advice on such areas as unfair trade practices, subcontract transactions, regulations and labeling and advertisements.

There is a widely held belief that issues relating to fair trade arise only in large corporations. However, various types of unfair trade practices, such as refusal to engage in transactions, discriminatory treatments, abuse of higher transactional position, and unfair support, are frequently occurring conducts, irrespective of the size of the company. In order to resolve these issues, it is essential to expeditiously deal with them at the stage at which the Fair Trade Commission is conducting investigations, before it imposes sanctions.

The practice of offering rebates by drug wholesalers is not only a violation of the health care law, but is also closely related to unfair trade practices such as customer enticement for improper gains, illegal sales and improper supporting practices. For this reason, an advance risk review of violation of the Fair Trade Act, while reviewing a variety of forms of transactional structures, at the same time, has now become an essential procedure.

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LK Partners, as legal representative for a number of private clinics and university hospitals, medical equipment companies, etc., provides advisory legal services and litigation related legal services with regard to dealing with tax office examinations, properness of tax imposition and appeals. The management of a business entity faces a variety of tax issues in the course of conducting its business, and in order to effectively deal with them, it needs to continuously receive advice of specialists who have in-depth understanding of the tax field

Clients can receive expeditious and effective advice on the issues of value added tax arising from engaging in various profitable businesses and the issues of calculating the necessary expenses relating to damages paid in various lawsuits, only from experts who have specialized knowledge of tax field and who have insight into the business in question, and we are ready and prepared to render such needed advice.

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In as much as specialized legal principles apply in bankruptcy proceedings, which are designed to achieve a set of special objectives for those proceedings, there is a limitation in trying to resolve issues only with the principle of general civil law. For this reason, with the basic knowledge of the related laws such as corporate law, the finance law, the fair trade law which will give a grasp of the corporate bankruptcy procedures, the attorney must have understanding of every aspect of the company, such as corporate finance and accounting, in order to effectively represent clients in bankruptcy proceedings.

With regard to restructuring of corporations or professions in a special industry, it is a prerequisite to have understanding of the industry in question and the occupational characteristics, in order to expeditiously and effectively the right procedures.

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LK Partners provides services such as rendering of a variety of advice and reviewing of contracts concerning patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights. Recently, as industries have been converged and IT technology has been applied to various industries, the importance of intellectual property rights has been greatly emphasized. Thus, without sufficient understanding of intellectual property rights, no company will be free from disputes involving intellectual property rights. As such, we are committed to protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights, by providing the necessary support so that our clients are able to completely protect their intellectual property rights, which they have created through great effort, and at the same time, by preventing infringement of intellectual property rights of other companies.

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LK Partners provides a variety of legal advice to its corporate clients so that they can comply with laws relating to protection of private information. We also render highly trustworthy legal services to expeditiously and correctly deal with various legal disputes and administrative regulations relating to infringement or improper leaking of private information.

Since the enactment of the Protection of Private Information Act, regulations on handling of private information have been strengthened. As such, the legal issues arising in the process of collecting and treating of private information and civil and criminal responsibilities and administrative sanctions in the cases involving infringement or improper disclosure of private information have emerged as a legal issue that has to be prepared for and dealt with by the client company.

We have been effectively solving our clients’ problems, based on a wealth of practical experience and know-how accumulated in the course providing advice on protection of private information to various medical institutions, such as various organizations and large hospitals.

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LK Partners provides legal services in the field of labor, including representing clients in the cases involving various industrial accidents, unpaid wages, improper dismissal and the review of employment rules and collective labor agreements.

Industrial accidents and labor disputes are areas where multiple parties are involved, including the Labor Compensation and Welfare Services and the Labor Relations Commission. It is a field in which the advice of a specialist is needed because it is possible to receive legal remedies for one’ rights through a variety of ways, in addition to filing a lawsuit with the court. We based on our abundant experience in representing large hospitals and a number of pharmaceutical companies in Korea, protect our clients’ rights by providing advisory services and litigation related services.

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LK Partners performs various types of advisory services and research works with regard to interpreting laws relating to medical, pharmaceutical and health issues that concern the government or relevant agencies such as the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Food and Drug Administration, reviewing of proposals for new laws or amendments, and reviewing the issues of conflict between new policies and systems that will go into effect and the existing laws. Considering the special characteristics of the medical, pharmaceutical, and health fields, it is necessary to have not only specialized knowledge of the field in question, as well as sufficient understanding of and experience in such field, in order to provide a review of the proposals for enactment or amendment of the relevant laws and legal advice related thereto. We, LK Partners,by a number of attorneys who are doctors, dentists, veterinarians, provide various legal services needed in harmonizing and restructuring of laws and policies, based on our specialized knowledge and experience in performing the professional work of continuously giving legal advice.

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At LK Partners, a group of professionals, made up of advisors, Korean attorneys and foreign law attorneys, with a great deal of experience, cooperates with each other, and we are steadily expanding our experience and knowledge by having continuous interest in and making constant efforts in the field of sports entertainment. LK Partners, by acting as legal representatives in various types of contract cases, such as the negotiations for team transfer between the players and the clubs and for salary; and from perspective of the association, the team and the league, we play the role of stabilizing the contractual relationships. We also provide customized legal advice and other consulting services needed by those who are in sports related fields, including manufacturing, distribution companies, academies, and educational institutions, agents / managers.

We provide advisory legal services relating to various issues that arise in the field of entertainment, such as disputes with regard to exclusive contracts, copyrights and other types of knowledge based property rights and going overseas. We expeditiously deal with various types of civil, criminal disputes and press reports that may affect athletes and entertainers.

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